Docuseries for TV Network coming out Summer 2020

Casting Assistant for "Youth" by Oscar Winning Director Paolo Sorrentino


Currently working on an IG-Mini Series: "The Instanun - helping you manage your Social Media Guilt."

Converse Shoe Commercial "In Their Chucks: 360°Experience" in collaboration with Google, Flatiron Building NYC

Lead in NBC Promo with Tony Gardner

Photographed Jason Silva, Emmy nominated TV personality 

Photographed Ashton Sanders, Academy Award-winning film "Moonlight" 


Debora Giannone was born in Basel, Switzerland, of two Italian Immigrants, her mother hailing from Naples and her father from Sicily. A very southern Italian mix and the usual question that's being asked is if Debora belongs to a Mafia Family. She used to shake her head and respond honestly that she does not lately. However, Debora decided not to answer and just smile whilst quietly watching the person who is asking the question making up all kinds of stories about her - which might lead to an inspiration for her own writing and creating. 


Stories. That's what fires Debora up. And they are everywhere.


As an exercise to learn better German, her mother had her write short stories where Debora was given one character, a location, and a random object, and her job was to create a grammatically correct written three-page story. Little did her mom know that she gave her daughter the best tools at age 6 to become a creative writer. Her German turned out pretty good too. 


Debora is fluent in German, Italian, English, and semi-fluent in French.  


Even though she spent most of her life growing up in a Swiss environment, she truly is Italian at heart. Truthful, direct, passionate, fiery, expressive, classy, and an excellent taste in all things design, visual, and food, of course. The Swiss in her is always on time and very reliable. 

At age ten, she started doing theatre in school and secretly fell in love with acting and writing. Next to theatre, she would inhale 80s & 90s TV shows and Indiana Jones, knowing that she'd be doing exactly that. Comedy played a massive part in her early life, and as an adult, she can honestly say that Comedy kept her sane amid her parents' divorce. Debora is eternally grateful for Comedians and Comedy and is working on an interactive comedy book to heal your past traumas. 

At age 16, she knew she wanted to move to LA and joined a local theatre group in Basel. After graduating from Grammar School at age 20, she did briefly enroll in university, studying English and Psychology, knowingly that one day both will serve her well in the entertainment industry. She quit two months after, and the only class she finished was an extra-curriculum class about Stanley Kubrick's filmmaking. 

Debora got a job at UBS Swiss Bank. She worked for four years while having rehearsal twice a week to earn money to move to LA to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a two-year acting conservatory. She also applied to over 500 Swiss foundations who support young talent on their path. She was granted 20'000$ by the Fritz-Gerber Foundation for New Emerging Talent. 

And so it happened. Debora created her reality and moved to LA to focus on her acting studies for two years fully. 

Her immigrant background in Switzerland shaped her understanding of diversity and acceptance, as she also experienced so mild but impactful racism at a very early age. Her parents' divorce and childhood abuse pushed her to heal herself from chronic digestive problems, which opened her up to her power and spiritual connection to this day. Debora is convinced that we create our own story and is thrilled to continue to do so!

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