"Speaking. When we learn to speak as little children, our voice is encouraged, celebrated, and honored. Just close your eyes for a second and try to tune with your inner child and remember how it felt when your voice was always welcome with a big smile and applause. Can you feel it? It's hard, isn't it? For most of us, "speaking" has some bad memories attached to it. Whether you voiced something you didn't like, you were scared of or tried to set a boundary; I can guarantee you that everyone has had what I call a "pulling the vocal cord plug" moment."

Debora has a very special relationship with "speaking." Throughout her life, she has gone on a journey of rediscovering her own voice. Debora understands what it means not to be heard, to be shamed, and/or feared for speaking truth and what it takes to re-connect with your authentic voice. She honors this process as it is continuous learning and unlearning, which is the journey of life. Debora often makes the point that in society, we have been robbed of the journey and instead completely and only focus on the result. A recipe for staying stuck in the same place also in regards to owning your voice. In connection with the docu-series, Debora also gave a speech at Arizona State University for Law students in regards to regulating the personal coaching scene. 

It is her intention and wish that through her talks, she can share her personal learning experiences, broaden someone's horizon, bring some lightness into what it means to be human and ultimately have fun with herself and whoever wants to listen. Not to forget, silence is golden and necessary. 

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